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Single Display Control

If you have plastic or plastic lined tanks and you are heating or cooling with anything, you should have this device on your tanks.

This control can act as a LOW LEVEL shut off of the heating system off in the event of low levels from evaporation, tank fracturing, or broken recirculating lines. The probes can be trimmed 1/2” above the cold zone bracket on many heater types. This shuts the heaters off before any “cut off device” is activated.

  • Single display control for the not so critical tanks.
  • Low level shut off
  • Manual reset button
  • Single display control Corrosion Resistant Enclosure
  • PTFE Type “J” Thermocouple 10 ft standard up to 150 ft available
  • Engraved name plate Choice of probes
Single Display Control Inner One
steam heating coils

Heaters for Single Display Control

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