Large Tank Immersion Heaters

Deep Tank immersion Heaters

Our large tank immersion heaters are used in tanks over 10 feet deep. The rugged riser comes up and over the tank lip for support. We manufacture tank heaters up to 240” (20 Ft) tall for all your deep heater tanks.

  • water trough heater
  • big tank heating
  • immersion tanks
  • external or oil tank heaters

We also can make extra long bottom heaters for your special processing line.

Industrial Plating Tank Heaters

Correct length of the cold zone is crucial for plating tank heaters, we can help you get the heat to the bottom of the large tank of water. Deep or tall tank immersion heaters are commonly used in hydraulic cylinder shops, hard chroming of drilling equipment and plating tanks for long aircraft components.

Used with one of our solution level safety devices and a Manual Reset button that keeps the heater from re-energizing once the solution has dropped, or maybe the tank fails, or maybe the recirculation line broke- safety is necessary in large processing tanks. Protective heat shields are recommended for plastic or polypro lined tanks as well.

We can manufacture heaters for large plating tanks with:

  • 1 and 3 tube designs
  • Single or 3 phase designs
  • 240 or 480 volts
  • Custom deep tank heaters

Deep Tank Plating Equipment

Large Tank Heaters

The sheath materials are usually 316 Stainless Stainless or Titanium– learn more, view the deep tank immersion heaters info sheet. Titanium is used extensively in the hard chrome plating shops with no flourides.

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Temperature Controllers & Sensors for Large or Tall Tanks

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