Welded Junction Boxes

Seamless Heater Head

A primary reason we started IHS was combining safety and quality. The superior All Welded Junction Boxes are our dedication to the process heating industry. You dont want sides of your tanks to melt!

Our electric immersion heaters are constructed with fully welded - seamless designs. Dripping chemicals, fumes, and moving parts can easily damage cheap heaters, but not our TIG welded alloys.

Made In USA

Made in America Immersion Heaters

The United States perfected the plating and coatings industry. We are proud to offer expertly crafted, Made In The USA heating systems.  Our headquarters and production facility is located in Boise, Idaho.

Our high performance immersion heaters will not be found on Alibaba, or a website from India or China.

We cut our teeth in the California aerospace industry, and we continue to build quality electric heaters made in America, shipping to Australia, UK, Ireland, and Saudia Arabia.

Made In USA

Fast Turnaround

We can typically make you a heater in a matter of days, not weeks! We also have heaters in stock, ready to ship so your process line is back in operation quickly saving you money.

Plating Equipment shipped to your door– from heaters, to controls, sensor fluid levels, parts, and more.

Made In USA

Superior Service

When you become a customer, Skip Schaefer will put his almost 50 years of experience, designing heating processes, to work for you. His electric process systems are used by manufacturers worldwide. If you have a special manufacturing problem, Skip can solve it, talk to him today.

Medical Device Manufacturing

Our heaters are used in many medical device manufacturers to control conditions for ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications. From implantable devices to surgical instruments, metal coating is critical for biocompatible, safe & ultra durable parts. Made in the USA with exacting sanitary standards.

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We offer aerospace vendors and military manufacturers our quality aqueous heating products for their chemistries.  Going to deep space, transporting millions of people on commercial airlines or fighting terrorism, our customers depend on superb components. It all starts with a perfect bath.

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You will not find our immersion heater warming up your coffee or bathtub. It's not for sale at Home Depot or Walmart. But you will find our customers who make high tech electronics depend on our products and heating experts. We build ultra performance systems for leading technology companies.

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Performance grade parts continually need to be lighter, stronger, and faster. The auto industry demands corrosion resistance and microfinish improvements for critical parts. Failure is not an option. Automakers depend on us to control the heat of their chemical solutions.

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