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Black Oxide

Black Oxide plating or what is commonly called blackening is used to add mild corrosion resistance on iron materials. A quality heater will give you a 1 micron thick protective black finish on steel parts or ferrous metal.

Black Oxide immersion heaters should be 316 stainless steel so they can take the intense heat. In a hot black oxide tank the temperature gets to 290º F causing evaporation rates to increase. An L-shaped or Bottom immersion heater is suggested, but over-the-side stainless heaters can be custom made for your metal processing line.

Be sure to install a liquid level control for this application.

Black Oxide Plating Equipment

Immersion Heaters for Blackening or Oxidizing

Over The Side Immersion Heater

Over The Side
Immersion Heater

process forms a black magnetite finish on all iron and non-stainless steel parts. The 290°F operation of ordinary black oxide can be hazardous! The typical bath contains 6-8 pounds of caustic soda per gallon, and is prone to boil-over and splattering. compared with 20-40 minutes for ordinary hot oxide. As a result, the entire process is shorter and the work flows through faster, your overall finishing costs are reduced significantly. If you now own a black oxide system, or send parts outside for blackening, a better option for you. You can regain control of your metal finishing, you control over the quality,scheduling and cost of your finishing operation. An ordinary hot oxide bath equipment is very viscous and difficult to rinse off. Blind holes and recessed areas often form white salt blooms which destroy the value of the finished part salt blooms are a thing of the past! Castings and powdered metals turn out a rich black.

Temperature Controllers & Sensors for Blackening or Oxidizing

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