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Electropolishing is an electrochemical process similar to electroplating. The electropolishing process operates on a microscopic level on the surface of metal producing a smooth and shiny surface. Key to quality is controling the temperature of the acidic bath with a PTFE or Quartz immersion heater.

Because of the sulfuric or phosphoric acid bath, you need the best heater for acids. Choose a PTFE coating or Quartz heater. The viscous phosphoric-sulfuric solution doesn’t transfer heat well. Using de-rated quartz heaters provides the chemical resistance and extra life for this application. Our high performance quartz immersion heaters are preferred for electropolishing tanks.

Either immersion heater type you use, over-the side or bottom style, sodium build up will occur on the elements. PTFE sheaths have to be cleaned by hand, while quartz can be cleaned with a rubber scrapper to remove the sludge. Be careful not to damage.

We can custom build heating systems for you, which include temperature and liquid level safety controls.

Electropolishing Equipment

Immersion Heaters for Electropolishing

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Electropolishing equipment is an electrochemical process which is used for smoothing metal surfaces by removing microscopic amounts of material from the surface of the product. The metal work-piece is immersed in a temperature controlled bath of electrolyte while connected to the anodic (positive) position in a DC circuit. A current passes from the anode where metal is dissolved to the cathode where hydrogen is evolved. Electrolytes used for most commercial electropolishing are usually concentrated acid mixtures such as sulfuric acid and phosphoric acid. Alkaline processes may be used for some metals. The protruding elements of a part’s surface profile dissolve faster than the material in the recesses. Electropolishing systems for research and industry are available in manual and automatic configurations. Automatic systems may be continuous or batch. Each electropolishing unit is custom designed and supplied with the tools, special fixtures and accessories necessary for successful operation. Regardless of the sophistication of the application, a design can be developed to deliver the finish, precision and accuracy required.

Temperature Controllers & Sensors for Electropolishing

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