Mike Bowman

Owner CEO Mike Bowman

Mike Bowman is founder of Industrial Heating Systems (“IHS”). Mike has been working in the electric immersion heating industry since 2008. Throughout Mike’s tenure as a certified welder, he has ‘hands on’ experience with the most complex electric immersion heaters ever designed and manufactured.

When Mike incorporated IHS in 2018, the core mission was to focus on the needs of its customers, while consistently supplying high quality products and services that exceed customer expectations.

IHS commitment to you is simple: we will leverage the latest in technology and apply these processes in our immersion heating systems and controls; we will only use the finest materials available. Moreover, IHS will only be staffed with industry leaders; and we will only design and manufacture the best electric immersion heaters and controls in the business. All design and manufacturing will be managed by Mr. Skip Schaefer.

Our staff have over 60-years combined experience, and we pride ourselves in our ability for quick delivery. We pride ourselves on the fact that all industrial immersion heaters and controls will be designed and manufactured here in Boise, Idaho, USA.

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