Deionized Water Heaters


Deionized water or DI water is used for cleaning parts, either before or after chemical solution dips during the metal finish process.

It's also used extensively in circuit board manufacturing to clean residues from soldering, hot DI water at 120º-150ºF.

Because Di water has no ions in it, it wants to become electrically balance by taking opposing ions from anything. By drawing in other minerals and contaminants, your components get clean.

There are couple choices for electric deionized water heaters:

  • Titanium
  • 316 L (low carbon) stainless steel with electro-polishing

Smarter, versatile, deionized water heating for labs, factories and plants. Industrial environments demand rugged, deionized-water heaters—and this model meets the challenge. electric deionized water heater on the market.

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Immersion Heaters for Cleaning Metal

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Immersion Heater

Deionized water cleaning equipment is usually distilled water that is run over a bed of styrene plastic beads with various ion-exchange materials bonded to them. The ions in the water are adsorbed and bonded to the surface of the ion-exchange resin in the beds of beads; the resulting post-treatment water will have most of if not practically all of the ionic load removed. The net effect is very pure water. One caveat here is the dissolved solids which are not ionic will likely remain in the solution, as well as dissolved organics. Also, the ion-exchange beds are relatively expensive and have a finite capacity for ionic exchange which decreases arithmetically during use. DI water tends to be aggressive toward some metals, but the price of DI water usually places it out of the range of machine cooling. There are some procedures which DI is perfectly suited for, but not for making process water.

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