Nickel Plating Heaters

Electroless Nickel

Auto-catalytic nickel plating is referred to as Electroless Nickel plating (EN plating) using a heated solution. Best to heat the tank quickly, in about in 2-3 hours. We offer electrically heated designs for polypro tanks, stainless steel tanks and double boiler tanks.

All Welded Junctions Boxes keep humidity and moisture out on our 316 Stainless Steel and Titanium Heaters for EN plating.

Polypropylene tanks are the better choice for preventing the plate-out of the EN– be sure your tank heaters have a heat shield. To keep coating roughness to a minimum, continuous filtration of the bath is essential to remove materials. Be sure to monitor the temperature of the plating bath, too hot can speed up decomposition of the solution or cause blistering. A nickel plating heater that is too low could lengthen the process and prevent coating deposition. For more processing tips, view the Electroless Nickel Plating Heater info sheet.

Use an Industrial Heating Systems ABS air bubbler system for level safety. This sensor system is non-conductive and will not cause plateout in electro-less nickel plating.

Electroless Nickel Plating Equipment

Immersion Heaters for Electroless Product Finishing

Over The Side Immersion Heater

Double Boiler
Tank Heater

The EN plating process and equipment can sometimes result in staining or a harmful condition known as hydrogen embrittlement. Staining can be alleviated through the application of a post-treatment chromate, while excess hydrogen can be removed via post-plating baking.

Temperature Controllers & Sensors for Electroless Nickel Finishing

slc 700 controls


Electroless process plating equipment has many applications in industry. Because the system plates evenly over all areas of the part, even down tubes and holes, it is frequently used to plate firearms and small hand tools. For the motorcycle restoration enthusiast, electroless nickel is a great tool for evenly plating the air cooling fins on many engine blocks, particularly older Indians & Harleys. Electroless nickel plates at an approx. rate of 1 mil (1/1000") per hour. Indoor decorative applications will need approx. 0.25 mil or 15 min. of plating. General outdoor items (hand tools, hand guns) should receive 0.5 mils or 30 min. Items requiring high corrosion resistance should receive 1 mils or 60 min. Electroless Product Finishing As the baths are used, nickel depletes from the solution. You will need to replenish this periodically, using our unique method of calculating the nickel loss. Additions to the solution may be made with small quantities

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