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There's no reason to buy an expensive waster water evaporator machine when you can build a simple evaporation tank. Using our electric immersion heaters, they can handle the most notorious chemicals such as chlorides, fluorides and tough acids. Because acids are heavier than water, the water evaporates leaving the concentrated liquid for disposal. It takes 965 Btu’s at 212°F, to evaporate 1 lb of water. A waste water evaporation system consisting of a PTFE lined tank and corrosion resistant sheath material, such as Stainless Steel, Titanium, Quartz or a PTFE coated heater, can handle most caustic solutions.

Use a Quartz heater for sulfuric and phosphoric acids. The wastewater from phosphoric acid is very viscous along with the removed metals, this sludge will have a tendency to build up on the outer sheath on the Quartz Immersion Heater.

The use of level safety control and sensors to shut off the heating equipment is needed.

Wastewater Evaporator Equipment

Immersion Heaters for Evaporating Waste Water

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Wastewater Evaporator Equipment is the answer to the high cost of hauling for two key reasons: Boyd De-waters the Wastestream: Most wastwaters are more water than waste. In fact, 90% to 99% of most industrial waste streams are water. Evaporation turns this 90+% water content into vapor, leaving the contaminants behind - dramatically reducing the cost and risk of wastewater disposal. At $5.00 per gallon, its a lot less expensive to haul the 10% residual waste than the 100% contaminated wastewater. Reduces the Cost per Gallon: Evaporation reduces the water portion of a wastestream for as little as $0.03 to $0.08 per gallon - a fraction of what you'll pay per gallon to haul the same amount of wastewater. From $5.00 dollars to $0.05 cents per gallon, we're talking about a savings of a hundredfold. Plus, there are additional savings in the reduced costs of storing, handling, and insuring compliance, all because of the reduced amount of waste on your premises.

Temperature Controllers & Sensors for Evaporating Waste Water

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