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Here we can discuss the proper application of electric immersion heaters, the proper safety devices, and the do’s and don’ts. Trouble shooting and other related issues around the plating shop and metal coating processing.

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What is a Thermocouple?

A thermocouple is a sensor that’s used to measure temperature, (it's like a thermometer). It comprises two wire legs that are made from different metals. The wire legs create a junction at one end which then the metal connection is monitored for voltage...

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Why Digital Temperature Controllers?

Control panels are an integral aspect of all mechanical and electrical machines. Operators of machines are able to easily regulate temperature, pressure, and humidity among other factors through control panels with the aim of making ...

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drawing process heater system level controls


Preventing the Leaking Process Tank Blues

Recently I talked to a customer about his process tank leaking. This is no small tank... no sir. This is 8000 gallon of sodium dichromate. Well this is a 26-foot-long tank x 5 wide x 8 deep. Probably 20+ years old. At the time of construction, it...

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How To Setup Chemical Process Tank & Oops...

We want to set up an immersion heater for a DI water tank. Nothing big, by that I mean, not 20 feet long, 5 feet wide and 7 feet, the cleaning tank is just 36” x 30” x 36” deep. This is not a plating tank. Simple little deionized cleaner tank ...

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How To Calculate Heat Loss?

Heat is energy and heat can affect molecules, recall Bill Nye the Science Guy (you dont need to sing along to his music videos). Now everyting is made up of molecules. Air, water, walls, tanks, and metal are all particles where heat can be transferred or lost. There are 3 types of heat transfer...

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Four Types of Solution Level Controls You Should Use

Back in the 1970's, when I was selling electric immersion heaters and liquid level controls, there was not much on safety. The best plating tank available was old rubber battery casings, left over from some type of military requirement.

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Phoshate Coating Problems & Heating Solutions

In my 49 years of heating aqueous based chemical solutions, heating phosphates is the toughest without a doubt. And we're not talking about historical Parkerizing a gun. Most quality metal finishers dip the metal into a hot bath...

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How To Heat Hard Chrome Plating Process

Heating hard chrome isn’t hard to heat, it is finding a manufacturer that will accommodate your needs. I have, in my 45 years seen some of the biggest and deepest hard chrome tanks, and each is a sophisticated design.

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What kind of Solution Level Safety system was used on 500-gallon Electroless nickel tank?

Electroless nickel is and any electricity is not good, with the exceptions in instances where I have seen a ½ volt put on the parts trees to spark them off.

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Heating A 500 Gallon Electroless Nickel Tank

Ok, the tanks are 16Ft long x 20” wide x 40” deep. So, they went with our recommendation which was 2 opposing 82-inch-long horizontal L-Shape Bottom Heater.

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