Salt Water Heaters

Salt Water Tanks

Industrial Heating Systems recommends for this corrosive application, Titanium or  Electropolished Stainless Steel sheath material on your heater. Electro-polishing 316 stainless steel removes contamination from the surface reducing stress cracking.

Immersion heaters for sodium solution tanks can have high watt density up to 50 WSI depending on the application.

Titanium is used extensively in aqua culture heating.The style of titanium immersion heaters can be:

  • Over the Side immersion heater
  • L-Shaped or Bottom immersion heater
  • Screw-Plug or Screw-In immersion heater
  • Flanged immersion heater

Salt Water Heating Equipment

Immersion Heaters for Sodium Solutions

Temperature Controllers & Sensors for Sodium Solutions

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