heater serpentine coils grid

7 Day Timer Control

Designed for the most corrosive of environments

This is a control system for a customer that wanted a “RUN “ temperature and “COAST” temperature.

The 7 day timer is a power saver on the front of the box which is easy to set. Now you don't need to run your system every day– let it coast.

The timer control system has a disconnect switch with lockout/tagout safety switch, supplemental circuit breakers for each heater, and heavy duty contactors for years of service.

Your 2 – 3 phase heaters connect up to the smaller distribution box (inset image) - with ground connection available.

  • Up to 7 day timer control Corrosion Resistant Enclosure
  • PTFE Type “J” Thermocouple 10 ft standard up to 150 ft available
  • 1 to 6 heater configurations 
  • Engraved name plate
  • Digital controls 
Single Display Control Inner One
steam heating coils

Back with 50 + years of heating experience we can take to the next level when your demand increases. Move up to our control systems with AIR BUBBLER LEVEL SAFETY SYSTEM THAT PREVENTS HAZARDS FROM HAPPENING.

Heaters for Run & Coast 7 Day Timer Controls

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