Acid Tank Heaters

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Quartz or PTFE, more commonly known as Teflon® coated, immersion heaters are used in acidic solution tanks. Quartz heaters can resist baths pH 0 to 9. (Exception is hyrdrofluoric acids and caustics, we sell PTFE immersion heaters for less than 9% concentration hydrofluoric acid.)

Acid tank heaters are used in nickel and chrome plating tanks, made of either quartz or PTFE.

Quartz heaters are usually built as Over The Side models depending on your metal finishing process. We can also custom make heaters for your plating needs. Quartz heaters have replaceable elements, 4 sided welded with Polypro guard and heat up to 200º F.

Teflon immersion heaters are more expensive, but the best choice for heating aqueous based chemistries. Placed in chrome plating tanks from the top either designed as L-Shape or Over-The-Side models. Fluropolymer or PTFE heaters are 3 sided welded with Polypro guards and can heat up to 200º F.

Control systems for temperature and liquid level safety sensors must be used in acid plating tanks.

Nickel & Chrome Plating Equipment

Immersion Heaters for Acidic Solutions

Nickel plating equipment: With a little practice, you'll be able to achieve a 'Show Chrome' finish as good or better than any commercial chrome shop. These kits & systems come with easy to understand how-to book that contains tons of illustrations. With our kits, we offer strong technical support from a staff that were actual electroplaters, so you are getting advice from a person that had spent many years working behind a chrome plating tank. Our prices are competitive with anyone. Also note how ALL of our studio kits come with rectangular tanks. We find that rectangular tanks are much more versatile than a cylindrical tank of the same size. Look at pictures of any plating shop, you will find that almost ALL of the tanks in this industry are rectangular or square. Chrome plating equipment: Obviously, there is a reason for this. They are much easier to work with when you are dealing with parts when dealing with a variety of racking and parts. Do not be fooled by term "non-commercial", our non-commercial kits produce a 100% commercial result on your parts. You do not have to provide your own "low quality" battery acid, we provide ALL of your chemical needs for you with all lab grade chemicals. System does not come with a plating rectifier or a chemical mixing machine

Temperature Controllers & Sensors for Acidic Solutions

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