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We are one of the top manufacturers of process heating systems and quality immersion heater parts and accessories.

Industrial and Electric immersion heater parts for sale

IHS industrial immersion heater parts are designed primarily for direct submersion in liquids such as water, oils, solvents and process solutions, molten materials as well as air and gases. By generating all the heat within the liquid temperature sensors celcius fahrenheit submersible heaters are virtually 100 percent energy efficient. A thermocouple or RTD sensor probe can be inserted into a thermowell in the heater to measure process fluid temperature. Type J and Type K are the most common thermocouple calibrations, while a Pt 100 Ohm DIN Curve sensor is the most common RTD used.

Parts & Accessories

IHS circulation heaters are sold consisting of a screwplug or flanged underwater heater mounted in a thermally insulated chamber for efficient heating of a flowing medium by inline or side-arm. Drum Heaters, Bolt Heater, Cartridge Heater, Tubular Heater and Thermocouple parts adjustment can be provided to connect to most any controller. Select from many terminal enclosures, sheath and vessel materials, flanged connections, and accessories.

A thermocouple or RTD sensor probe is mounted via compression fitting into the heater element and clamped directly to a heater element to measure element temperature. This allows monitoring of the parts to prevent over temperature conditions that may shorten heater life and/or prevent fluid degradation. If the accessories will be used vertically over the side or in a circulation heater.

Basic piping options include threaded, flanged, or welded. IHS manufactures a large selection of electric aqueous heaters for heating any fluid, from plain water to corrosive solutions, highly viscous oils, and for many specialized engineering applications such as high-pressure and hazardous locations.

IHS: Electric Process Heater Manufacturer

We have extensive experience with custom built immersion heater parts for plating tanks, reservoirs, and circulation flow applications.

IHS may be new to you, but our coating specialists have over 60 years experience in process heating systems. We build high performance heaters for medical, automotive, electronic, and aerospace manufacturers.

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