Chemical Tank Heaters

PTFE Immersion Heater

IHS builds chemical heaters with PTFE coating or Teflon® for corrosive plating tanks - PTFE stands for Polytetrafluoroethylene. The plastic resists destructive chemicals and has a maximum operating temperature of about 450° F.

PTFE heaters can be used in any chemistry and it is best to have at least a 2” solution from the bottom of the junction box. Having the chemical solution closer to the top generates more vapors and steam.

Our heaters for caustic baths come in 1 element to 12 element designs from 250 watts to 18,000 watt.

How To Select A Chemical Solution Heater

For corrosive solutions heating, the best of heater will depend on:

  • pH value- either highly acidic or alkaline
  • Specific heat and density of the chemical solution
  • Sheath and plating tank material
  • Corrosion resistive property of the materials

Dont hesitate to contact us, we have been helping manufacturers heat dangerous chemicals for almost 50 years. Custom designed L shaped or bottom immersion heaters made of Teflon are also available.

Be sure to use liquid level probes to monitor the solution levels and turn the heater off prior to exposing it to open air.

Caustic Solution Equipment

Immersion Heaters for Corrosive Chemical Solutions

Immersion heaters with PTFE coating are usually rated with 8 WSI (watts per square inch), so more heating elements are needed to attain the wattage output of a similar stainless or titanium heater. PTFE coated immersion heaters are used in metal finishing tanks with Hydrofluoric acids content of less than 9% by volume. For proper heating, the corrosive should enter the circulation heater For corrosive solution, the user can choose a wide range of container/vessel sizes, terminal boxes, and power (in kilowatts) ratings. In immersion heaters, there are thermocouple probes or thermostats to control the bath temperature to the desired level and also for over-temperature protection. Thermo couples are mounted on the tank for process control. WATTCO heaters are also approved for use in explosive or flammable environments.

Temperature Controllers & Sensors for Caustic Chemical Solutions

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