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Heating Coils & Steam Coils for tanks-Serpentine

Grid and serpentine coils are designed for passing heated fluid (hot water, steam or thermal transfer oil) through the coil to heat the solution to the correct temperature.

When using either of the heating coils, as your working temperature comes close to the heat source temperature, the amount of surface of that respective coil, has to increase.

Serpentine Coil Heaters

Serpentine coil heaters are typically used in chemistries that require very minimal heat recovery time.

Serpentine and “U” coils are used in situations where smaller heat transfer requirements are needed.

Steam Coils For Tanks

Grid Coils are used for large heating up or cooling down of larger process tanks. The steam coil design has the ability to maintain or increase your tank temperature more efficiently, at a lower cost. Industrial coils can be used with steam, hot water, cooling coils, or heat transfer/exchange systems.

Heating Coils are available in:

  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • Titanium
  • Kynar

Custom coil designs and other super alloys available for your special heating needs. We can build coils made of Zirconium, Hastelloy C, and PTFE/Teflon coated for caustic solvents or other heated solutions/heat exchangers.

Check our chemical recommendation chart for the proper selection. Download the PDF: Grid & Serpentine Heating Coils

USA Manufacturer Steam Coils

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Industrial Heaters for Oil Serpentine Heating Coils

IHS: Manufacturer of Quality Immersion Coils

We have extensive experience with hand made fluid heating coils for storage tanks, reservoirs, and circulation flow applications.

IHS may be new to you, but our coating specialists have over 60 years experience in heating systems. We build high performance heaters for medical, automotive, electronic, and aerospace manufacturers.

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