Over The Side Immersion Heater

Over The Side Immersion Heaters

Over The Side Immersion Heaters take up little space, require no mounting holes in the tank, and are easily withdrawn for fast servicing and replacement.

There is no need to drain the tank to clean the elements, which saves you time and money. OTS heating systems are simple and affordable.

These heaters simply hang on the edge of the tank. Simple and affordable.

Over-The-Side Immersion Heaters, best for:

  • Deep Tanks or Tall Applications
  • Low Temperature Solutions
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Small Tanks
  • Portable
    • Used with one of our solution level safety devices with a MANUAL RESET BUTTON to keep the heater from re-energizing once the solution has dropped, or the tank fails, or maybe the recirculation line breaks, what ever the reason safety first.

      Heat Liquid Incoloy

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      OTS Immersion Heater- 3 Element

      12" 5.5" 3000 W
      17" 4.5" 6000 W
      22" 6.0" 9000 W
      28" 7.5" 12000 W
      34" 9.5 15000 W
      41" 8.5 18000 W
      44" 9.5 24000 W
      52" 10.5 27000 W
      55" 12.5 30000 W
      60" 11.5 33000 W
      64" 11.5 36000 W
      72" 15.5 36000 W

      Single Tube Over The Side Heater

      12" 5.5" 1000 W
      17" 4.5" 2000 W
      22" 6.0" 3000 W
      28" 7.5" 4000 W
      34" 9.5 5000 W
      41" 8.5 6000 W
      44" 9.5 8000 W
      52" 10.5 9000 W
      55" 12.5 10,000 W
      60" 11.5 11,000 W
      64" 11.5 12,000 W
      72" 15.5 12,000 W

      Download the Over the side immersion heater PDF

      Made in USA custom over the side heaters.

      Over The Side Immersion Heater Inner Image

      Over The Side Immersion Heater Materials

      Sheath Materials

      Electro Polish Over-The-Side Heaters

      Electro-Polishing can be applied to the steel sheath to remove surface imperfections and contaminants. The element surface is clean, smooth and bright. Many medical and food applications require this finish in their processing for corrosion resistance stainless steel drop in heaters.

      Temperature Controllers & Sensors for Over The Side

IHS: Manufacturer of Quality Electric Immersion Heaters

We have extensive experience with over the side electric immersion heaters for storage tanks, reservoirs, and circulation flow applications.

IHS may be new to you, but our coating specialists have over 60 years experience in heating systems. We build high performance heaters for medical, automotive, electronic, and aerospace manufacturers.

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