Polypro Tank Heaters


Hot solutions in a plastic tank are not a good combination, but sometimes necessary for perfect metal finishing. Polypropylene has become a standard material used in chemical plating. It can be fabricated into different size tanks and can handle temperatures up to 190°F.

Immersion heaters used in Polypro can be any style: Over-the-side heater, Bottom, Screw-plug or Flanged– we make them all. For metal processing, the primary concern is the heater NOT burning a hole in the bottom of the tank. Get an immersion heater with a heat shield.

Temperature control and liquid level sensors are a requirement in any plastic tank. If the tank cracks, solution evaporation, pump hose issue, or faulty drain valve, then our level safety device will shut the heater off. Liquid level safety devices can be conductive sensors, float type with bottom up design, or air bubbler.

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Polypro Tank Equipment

Immersion Heaters for Polypropylene Tanks

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Immersion Heaters for Polypropylene Tanks thicker material allows us to put bigger welds in all corners for more strength and eliminates warping! Buchholz Smith features single stand-alone polypropylene plating tanks in any size for rack and barrel. Provided with all necessary equipment for your plating needs. We also fabricate single, double and triple rinse tanks, drag-outs, acid and sump tanks. If you have an existing tank that is leaking and is just to complex to remove from your production line, we can save you time and money by providing you with a “drop-in” rigid tank liner. All of our liners are fabricated using the latest Wegener plastic welding technology and equipment. We can assist you with all of your tank needs from polypropylene, PVC, CPVC and HDPE.

Temperature Controllers & Sensors for Polypropylene Tanks

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