Dichromate Sealing Heaters

L-Shaped bottom Heater

Hot seal tanks operate at 180° F or higher, your dichromate heaters have to be tough. We exclusively design fully welded junction boxes, not plastic.  L-shaped or bottom immersion heaters are best because they will get the heat to the bottom of the sealing tank.

Widely used in aerospace parts, the hot seal plating is also known as duplex sealing process because nickel acetate or boiling DI water is used with potassium dichromate in a two-step sealing process. Only high performance immersion heaters are used.

If your metal processing tank uses over-the-side heaters then the cold zone, or open air exposed section, should be as long as possible. Contact our heating experts for questions or custom orders.

Liquid level control is necessary in boiling hot seal tanks. Solution controllers and sensors are a must.

Hot Seal Plating Equipment (Duplex Sealing)

Immersion Heaters for Zinc Coating

PTFE water heaters

Immersion Heater

Hot seal plating equipment Dichromate seals are used where enhanced corrosion resistance is required and where the imparted yellowish color to the coating is not important. Military and industrial applications requiring exceptional corrosion resistance come to mind. Furthermore, these types of seals are often one part of zinc coating is referred to as a “duplex” sealing process. Dichromate seals are often used in conjunction with either nickel acetate (NiAc) or near boiling deionized water sealing processes. The order of sealing may be dichromate followed by water or NiAc or the dichromate may come after either of those processes. Potassium dichromate is usually the preferred chemistry to use for this type of sealing.

Temperature Controllers & Sensors for Zinc Coating

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