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Custom Made Immersion Heaters

We can build heaters in a variety of materials, shapes and power ratings, constructed of tubular elements formed, welded and fitted with threads, flange, L-shaped (bottom with feet), Over The Side or other engineering designs. Whatever type you need G, R, BSP or metric, we can build it to fit.

Custom Electric Immersion Heater Sheaths:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Titanium
  • Kynar
  • Incoloy
  • Quartz
  • Tantalum
  • Hastelloy
  • Zirconium
  • Inconel
  • PTFE or Teflon

Process Heating Specialists

custom titanium bottom heater immersion

Our heating systems specialist, Skip Schaefer, has been designing custom immersion heaters for almost 50 years. You can hire us to consult and build your plant/process line heating equipment. Designed to be reliable, efficient, and provide superior performance, our plating equipment is backed by in-house engineering, field service and parts department.

Deep Tank or Large Tank Heating Experts

We helped Quality Plating of Salt Lake City put in a 16 ft long Electroless Nickel 500 gallon tank. Custom bottom immersion heaters, at 33kW with a total of 66 kW/H, was designed for this large tank; plus a control system using an AIR BUBBLER Liquid level safety. Liquid level control is cheap insurance in relation to the cost of the process heater replacement.

Plating Shop Rebuild- Improve Efficiencies

Active Magnetic Inspection needed an overhaul on their Sun Valley plating shop. Made-to-order electric immersion heaters were designed, no boilers. The plating tanks, both stainless and plastic were fabricated and placed on weight distribution pads. Improved wiring for two Industrial Ovens and nine rectifiers were powered by 480/ 3 phase service. All the heaters and controls for the tanks were on 240 / 3 phase. The large oven had 36 temperature positions and the small oven, 24, plus 16 controls for the heated process tanks. And all of them collecting temperature data 24 hours a day.

Customized Solder Mask Ovens

Soldermask is a critical application in the printed circuit board industry. You must apply the mask to both side of the boards. Screen on one side and then bake at 180º F for 15 minutes, then do it again, finally bake at 325º F. Skip rebuilt the solder mask oven, motor, heaters and air flow. Custom SCR controls allowed +- 1º F baking. Skip also incorporated a “final bake” switch which would rise to 325º and time for 30 minutes. Tyco International is forever grateful for the heating expertise.

hot oil solder reflow system

Hot Oil Reflow System for Printed Circuit Board Division

Hot oil solder reflow systems are designed to reflow the tin-lead on printed circuit boards, especially military PCB’s. Tyco had a previous version of reflow equipment Skip built six years previous. Their new requirement was to reflow three boards at a time. The new hot oil tin reflow process decreased the chance of barrel cracking and delamination of the printed circuit board.

To read more of Skip Schaefer's incredible heating projects, Download this PDF: Process Heating Systems History, in his own words.

Custom Heating Systems

Temperature Controllers & Sensors for Custom Heating Systems

Our custom made immersion heater can then be fitted with liquid level sensors, thermocouples, temperature protection or special connection boxes.

IHS: Manufacturer of Custom Electric Immersion Heaters

We have extensive experience building custom immersion heaters for plating tanks, reservoirs, and circulation flow applications.

IHS may be new to you, but our coating specialists have over 60 years experience in heating systems. We build high performance heaters for medical, automotive, electronic, and aerospace manufacturers.

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