Skip Schaefer

Immersion Heating Design Specialist Skip Schaefer

I have been in the process immersion heater business since 1975. I have designed many complex heating systems, Hot Oil Reflow Systems, Industrial Ovens, Control Systems, in the course of my years in the heating business.

I have worked with many big companies, such as Crown City Plating, Boeing, Memorex, Lockheed Martin, Superior Industries, Nordam, Northrup Grumman, Hill Air Force Base, and Titan.

My Dad was the founder of Pro-he-co Manufacturing, established in 1962, and later known as Proheatco. Also former president of the Industrial Heating Equipment Association. Sadly, he retired and passed away in 1994. His passion and knowledge of process plating are still living through me.

Ralph J "Skip" Schaefer (misspelled) Shafer, formerly of Titan Industrial Heating

I am proud of all my engineering accomplishments, through the years I have built tens of thousands of heaters. Plenty of custom applications that also include installing an entire plating shop with process tanks in steel, stainless, and polypro. All the temperature control systems and data logging to a computer were also designed by me.

The only thing that has changed is that I’m not living in California. I now live in the beautiful state of Idaho, where the manufacturing process is even better than ever.

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