Stainless Steel Immersion Heater

PTFE Immersion Heaters

PTFE Immersion heaters can be used in most chemistries up to 13 pH! The heaters come with a poly pro guard that can handle up to 200º F. It is best to keep the solution 2” from the bottom of the junction box.

  • Yes, they will start solidifying the phosphoric in electro polish solutions
  • Yes, they will probably plate up in electro-less nickel
  • Yes, they will coat up in phosphates
  • Is there a better choice? No

IHS: Manufacturer of Quality Electric Immersion Heaters

We have extensive experience with custom built electric immersion heaters for storage tanks, reservoirs, and circulation flow applications.

IHS may be new to you, but our coating specialists have over 60 years experience in heating systems. We build high performance heaters for medical, automotive, electronic, and aerospace manufacturers.

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