Solution Level Controls

What kind of Solution Level Safety system for 500-gallon Electroless nickel plating tank?

Author: Skip Schaefer

Electroless nickel is and any electricity is not good, with the exceptions in instances where I have seen a ½ volt put on the parts trees to spark them off. Using 12 VAC level control probes can possibly cause a bath to plate out. But why bother with a liquid level control on a stainless tank with stainless heaters? People forget! Pumping the tank out and not shutting off the heaters is not a bad thing in a 316 stainless plating tank. No fire can occur, but you do have an investment in the heaters, the inconvenience, the time to replace them etc. Easily worth the price of the control.

In this case I used one of our AIR BUBBLER Liquid level controls. This system induces air into a piece of CPVC piping and if there is solution at the tip of the tube, restricting air flow, the system operates correctly. Once liquid is removed and no back pressure- the system shuts off.

Since the CPVC isn’t conducting electricity your electroless nickel plating process lives another day.

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