hard chrome plating

How To Heat Hard Chrome Plating

Author: Skip Schaefer

Heating hard chrome plating tanks isn’t hard, it is finding a heating manufacturer that will accommodate your needs.

I have, in my 45 years seen some of the biggest and deepest hard chrome tanks, and each is a sophisticated design. But the primary concern is getting the heat to the bottom of the tank. Titan heaters are the usual answer, but some chemistries have a little extra punch that requires PFTE heaters or Fluoropolymer covered elements the average life of a titanium heater is about 3-4 years some longer and some shorter.

Industrial Heating Systems uses all welded titanium junction boxes on their electric immersion heaters.

The boxes don’t have rubber gaskets that can erode from the chemistry no plastic heads. You’ve all had your incidents Thermal cut off devices? Why would I chance exposing my liner in my tank that has to, by design, see heat form the element to expose the liner before the product stops operating?

An Industrial Heating Systems SLC-700 Solution Level Control Device can eliminate that problem. It is designed to shut the heater off prior exposing the hot zone of the heater. Simple. Industrial Heating Systems Control systems come with a Solution Level Control built-in not added on.

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